Climate Change

The common thread to all our activities has been Climate Change and the conversations that we can have and actions we can all take to make a difference. Here is some information taken from “A Guide to Climate Change” by Climate Challenge Fund/Keep Scotland Beautiful.

What is Climate Change and how will it affect me?

Climate Change is the name given to the change in our climatic patterns, both at a regional and global level, particularly over the last few decades.

In Scotland we expect more extreme weather events, wetter winters and drier summers. This will increase flooding and damage to infrastructure. It will also affect the crops we can grow, our ecosystems and our natural plants and animals. Some of these changes are happening now.

What is causing Climate Change?

Naturally occurring greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun, keeping our planet warm enough to sustain life. Humans have increased the amount of greenhouse gases by activities including *burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas to heat and light our homes, fuel our vehicles and create stuff *the way we produce food *deforestation of trees that absorb greenhouse gases *landfilling our waste. More greenhouse gas in the atmosphere means more heat from the sun is being trapped, causing our planet to heat up. This is called global warning and the global warming of our planet is causing climate change.

What can I do to tackle Climate Change?

Here are a few ideas – some you may be already taking. Is there more you could do?

Reduce your Home Energy Use

Install a more efficient heating system

Install draught proofing and insulation

Turn thermostat down by 1 degree C

Switch lights off when not in a room

Eat local and seasonal

Buy local fruit and vegetables that are in season

Avoid food waste

Grow your own food

Greener Travel

Fly less

Enjoy activities close to home

Walk or cycle instead of car travel

Use public transport instead of the car

Car share

Drive efficiently

Reduce, Reuse and recycle

Cut down the stuff you use

Consider buying second hand

Find new uses for items rather than throwing out

Recycle items at the end of their life